Dream-home for the Reddys: Comprehensive Architecture & Interior Project

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A dream-home for a reputed property developer came with a lot of expectations. A civil engineer himself, our client has a vast and acclaimed portfolio of residential and commercial properties under the banner of Janapriya.  Over a span of 25 years in real estate, Janapriya has built over 21,000 residential apartments and several Commercial Properties in Hyderabad & Bangalore. They were award the ‘Most Preferred Builder – South India’ in a nationwide survey conducted by AC Nielsen. It was FHD’s privilege to be selected for the project.


When the client first approached us, he intended to only revamp the interior of the existing building. However, in a couple of discussions, it was concluded that the existing structure had to be demolished and a new one to be made, which fulfilled all the functional needs and emotional aspirations of the family of six – himself, his wife, two children and parents. The client also wanted a small office with an attached secretary room, for him to work from home, whenever necessary.


Therefore the nature and scale of the project shifted completely – from an interior remodelling job to a comprehensive architecture and interior design project. The property had an amazing view of historic tombs on the rear end of the site. Responding to site conditions as well as client preferences, the architectural language has a fusion of Indian and Classical elements. Flowing with this theme, the mixture of styles in furniture or accessories too gels well together.


Architecture of the building is basically a mix of Indian fusion and classical elements. Furniture was sourced from leading Italian brands, as it was found to enhance the basic styling. Embellishments like ornate false ceilings, marble inlay-work and gold leafing add touches of splendour to the resplendent décor style.


The home truly makes a statement; befitting the stature and style of the Reddy family!


Total site Area: 0.4 Acre

 Total Built Up Area: 26075 sft

 Project Starting Date: 2007

Project End Date: 2012

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