Freedom with Forms : a path-breaking architectural solution

In fhd

The proposed mixed-use development in Puppulgada, Hyderabad responds to the location and site – in terms of shape of the plot, position of the building, the surrounding area as well as the climate. The design team at FHD Group got a great opportunity to explore a new aesthetic that is in sync with modern trends. The project has shaped up as one where we have successfully demonstrated what we usually reiterate: how our responsibility towards delivering an architectural solution exceeds the needs or expectations of our clients!!


The triangular plot gave rise to a triangular structure; but the angularity was further accentuated using contemporary materials and surface articulation. A large customized glass mullion system deployed for the curtain wall, adds to the architectural language. Embedded lighting makes the building glow at night.

50000 sq ft of real estate in a 0.75 acre plot was developed with detailed attention to the usage and saleability. The location – on the corner of two large roads, – gave us an opportunity to explore an elongated diagrid system on the facade. The form of the building rises towards the south-west creating a dynamic corner that peels to expose a triangular staircase.


Two floors of retail and four levels of offices make this a vibrant and dynamic hub of commercial activity. Flexibility in planning has been embedded into each floor plate since the requirement could vary from a couple of retail units being combined into one outlet or a full floor for one single office! The client’s aspirations for an iconic façade visible from the highway infused more creative thinking into the design development.

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