Hotel Mayfair, Bhubaneswar

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A prestigious landmark in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, Hotel Mayfair Lagoon, also known across the country as as one of the most preferred destinations, be it for Wedding Celebrations, Commemorations or  Felicitations, had to expand its facilities to cater to the needs of the ever growing clientele.


Mr. Dilip Ray, the founder of The Mayfair Boutique Hotel chain, Lawyer by Education, Politician by Choice and an Astounding Host by nature, took The Mayfair Lagoon to the next level simply by infusing  his passion into his work and ensuring great standards in hospitality that have continued to stay there…..


As the business grew and it was time to set up a Convention Center many hands pointed towards Fountainhead to be commissioned to entrust with the designing of the Convention Center. Fountainhead has already spearheaded numerous projects in the hospitality industry and has been well known for its Classical Style Designs that set the creative group apart from its contemporaries.


Concepts were created and presented in 3D format and the actual execution and the final result surpassed all expectations. The Victorian style, Louis IV architectural touch simply create a Royal feel all along the property.



As part of creating a new Convention Centre, the existing look of the hotel has been changed to give it a more Lavish, Spacious, Opulent and Welcome feel. The Sandstone facades, the Ionic columns, the Marble Inlaid floors recreating a carpeted look, the strategic placement of Mirrors add another dimension to the lobby area.


The Two Conference Spaces on Two different Levels can accommodate parallel events at any point of time without giving rise to a feeling of over crowding and congestion.


The Reception Foyer has been made to look Royal befitting a background for a Newly Wedded Couple. The beautiful circular space under the gold leafed dome  with its lush carpet and warm lighting should be seen to believe. The welcome to any get together happens here ……


The Rich Walnut finishes on all the doors and wooden frames carry the Aura of Subtle Opulence throughout.


The Banquet Hall’s Thematic lighting is designed to create different moods depending on the Nature of Gathering and Time of Day. The soft carpet and it’s beautiful leaf pattern bring in the ever glorious nature into the space.



The Exquisite Ambiance created in the 30 seater Board Room in the mezzanine floor is a Work of Art especially considering the nature of space that had beams criss crossing in the ceiling that forced the entire room to be low in height but the backlit customized lighting in Onyx creates a drama  that does not let your imagination go beyond the visible.


The Mini Conference Room continuing the Victorian Influence over the guests that can only lead to Royal decisions…..


Another feather in our cap………..

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