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A splendid design opportunity came our way in the form of this plush villa at Jubilee Hills, for a Member of Parliament and his family. Interesting, because all four occupants desired a different décor style for their individual spaces; and challenging, because they still had to fit in together as a holistic scheme – we finally struck a balance and gave them a home to cherish! Fountainhead balances the entire family’s requirements, a complete fusion of all styles and achieved a continuity keeping everyone happy.


We were commissioned for the interior design of the semi-finished, architectural villa. The primary idea was to render an interior ambience the entire family could enjoy. Their preferences were thus noted; and there lay the challenge. While the lady of the house preferred a Victorian ambience, the son’s choice was contemporary minimalist, while the father’s preference was for a rich classical look. Therefore a ‘fusion of styles’ that effortlessly blended into and out of each other was defined as the way forward.





Apart from the interior and lighting design services, we also designed automation and sports features for the three-level villa. The lower ground floor houses a home-office, a gym and a guest bedroom – besides the swimming pool and party deck. The upper ground floor has the sons’ bedrooms, and sports facilities; besides the formal living spaces. The full first floor is for the chambers of the master – including the master bedroom and its attached facilities like walk-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom.

The architectural language of the villa as well as the owners’ aesthetic preferences, manifest themselves in the entrance porch and the main living spaces. The grand Classical entrance door made of carved wood and stained glass; along with the marble inlay work on the flooring adds a welcoming touch to the porch. The overall tone for the décor is set; right from the entrance foyer. The grandeur of the ambience is delicately restrained to maintain a look of lavish elegance.


The formal living room with custom-made furniture and fresco work on the ceiling has a feel of ravishing royalty. Specially sourced lighting fixtures, paintings, artifacts and accessories – all flow with the Classical theme to enhance the look.

The formal living is designed with a beautiful chandelier, fresco work on the ceiling and custom made furniture give the room a royal feel. The formal dining area is set apart from the living area; even separated by a courtyard. The courtyard is a landscaped area inside the house, with a double height ceiling. It serves to connect the entire house while also breaking the monotony. Digressing from the usual norm of having the living and dining as a single continuous space, the dining area has been designated more space and attention as the home is visited by important dignitaries. Beautiful marble inlays, custom-designed chandelier and fresco work on the ceiling helps continue the luxurious look of the living area. The dining furniture set along with the console-styled cabinets was custom-made by a showroom in Delhi. However, this also affords more flexibility for the living dining spaces to function as a really large entertainment area – which can accommodate over 50 guests!


The informal living and dining areas are housed in a single large room, visually divided with a partition in gold mirror with cut-work. It manifests as an intimate space that lends itself well to a relaxed evening, yet carrying the same stylish grace of the overall scheme.

The son’s wish was for a bedroom that was a complete contrast in style to that of the others in the house. The high ceiling is exploited to create a voluminous feel in the space. Wooden rafters with LED cove lighting add drama to the teenager’s bedroom.


On the first floor, are the private chambers. Subtle colours and soothing textures enable a warm, relaxing and gentle ambience. Overlooking the terrace garden is the master suite; a composite space encompassing the master bedroom, an ensuite bathroom, a resplendent walk-in wardrobe and den. The walk-in wardrobe, specially requested by the lady of the house, and designed with ornate embellishments specifically to her taste – is designated with separate ‘His’ and ‘Her’ areas.


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Overall, the choice of materials and finishes lend themselves to a supremely indulgent and glamorous décor scheme.

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