We are a multi- disciplinary design team with a passion to design projects that are critically meaningful and creatively unique. We provide design strategies that mediate and re-interpret the boundary between traditional/cultural and contemporary living: A synthesis that blends old and new, international and regional.

We believe in identifying, engaging deeply with and simplifying the complexities of projects. We believe that good design is always simple. Good design should provoke and stimulate but not be or seem unnatural within its context.

We respond to carefully evaluated “needs” rather than to the egotistical manifestations of forms and “ism”s. Every project’s clearly identified “needs” are shaped through critical thinking workshops where we

  • Investigate, along with all project stakeholders, the various project forces at work ranging fromeconomics to social relevance to user experience
  • Imagine alternatives, rethink the givens and search for meaning as we create a unique project identity
  • Create design strategies that respond to the need rather than mindlessly implement predefined methods and matrixes

Our design solutions are generated from detailed observations of how people interact with spatial conditions and critical analysis of user experiences.

Our vast experience of over 1000 projects of varying use, type and scale has nourished and evolved our design ability and creativity. We strive to keep alive this evolutionary design process to ensure we offer unique solutions to each new project requirement.


Excellence in design and its successful execution are central to our approach. As committed designers, our responsibilities are dual in nature: Professional and Creative.

Our professional responsibility is towards the clients we works with as well as end users interacting with the designed space. For our clients, we ensure that their needs are met and exceeded beyond preset boundaries of cost, time and quality. For our end users, we ensure that their aspirations are met and everything about the designed space is intentional, functional and inspiring.

Our creative responsibility is directed towards the clients we work with as well as our own design research and innovation endeavors. For our clients, we offer new ways of thinking while delivering beyond and above the project brief. For ourselves, we discover new paths while attempting to find apt design solutions for everyday problems.


We aspire to be a guild of passionate design professionals who help promote environmental, social, economical wellbeing of the community through our technical and creative expertise in architecture, interior design and landscape design. We are committed to ensure that our design solutions are mutually successful to all project stakeholders.


We believe it is important to provide sustainable design solutions that are socially and environmentally responsible and financially rewarding.
We believe that collaboration with experts across industries will help generate unique opportunities for design rethinking and responsible development.
We believe that it is important to inspire, encourage, and provide opportunities for the next generation of aspiring Indian architects.