Adinath Tower


Adinath Tower




3 Acres


5,40,000 Sq ft




Under Design


FHD was involved in the Master planning, Infrastructure and Landscape design for an area of 3 acres along with architecture, structural and MEP design for a built up area of 5,40,000 Sq ft, with 453 of 640 Sq ft. offices in 2 blocks, 60 m high.


The typology of office tower design has generally remained unchanged for the last few decades. Large open floor plates with as much unconstrained adaptable interior areas catering to single or multi-tenants- primarily in the IT sector, has been the norm. The challenge raised in this project is to create an affordable model of offices for the small scale industrial sector where office sizes are never more than 45-50sm. This unique requirement led us to create a module based approach to the design with each self contained unit accommodating upto 8 staff members.

The architectural feature of the project is the external facade, which is an aggregate of many independent entities working together as a collective whole, like leaves ruffling in a tree – fully reflective of the multiplicity within the building.

Instead of a ubiquitous glass  face, the building is animated by a parametrically varying repetition of double height balconies. The parametric logic of these balconies allow variations in depths, angles and location based on office sizes, creating various sub-conditions and variety within the module. The sides of the pre-engineered balconies are made from powder coated perforated aluminium panels, which incidentally are manufactured by the client’s factory.

The smaller building at the entrance is designed to contrast with the parametric pattern of the main office, through its simple curved glass form and the minimal detailing. The interior is treated as contiguous office space with two cores at either end that allows the possibility to split if required. The parking provision has been increased to 200% of statutory requirements and achieved by the use of mechanical parking in podium levels.