ADMC Headquarters


ADMC Headquarters


Abu Dhabi


37 Acres


15,00,000 Sq ft.






The proposed project is intended to transform the current media company campus into a State-of-the-art master plan housing an iconic headquarter building. The Design derives its inspiration from local desert architecture of bedouins to create a new age digital envelope for the media campus. This “Tent” form allows the social office programs to flow out seamlessly to create an active semi-outdoor condition. These landscaped spaces form an oasis within the corporate work environment taking green to every office space. A technologically advanced steel mesh fabric with interwoven LEDs act as a shade during day and transforms into a living digital skin that projects live images from the channel’s broadcast.


The design recognises the creative nature of the media industry and promotes cross departmental collaborations with high social connectivity and transparency to create a micro-campus rather than a building.

The subtle changes in the envelope topology catches and reflects light differently at various times of the day to create an ephemeral effect.


The Ground Level has the largest foorprint to allow programs like TV & Radio studios that do not require light to be planned towards the inside with admin & support facilities along the periphery. At the upper levels the floor plate reduces to allow open planning with optimal lighting.

The 3 hubs are connected horizontally and vertically to create a unified form with various scales and types of activity spaces. It promotes social interaction and a collaborative work culture which forms the backbone of the media industry.