Divya sree


Spread over 18 acres, 77o East is a part of 35 acre masterplanned gated community comprising 77 premium private residences close to old airport in Bengaluru City.
Apart from overall Master planning & Architectural design, FHD also rendered landscape master plan & detailed landscape design for this glorious project


To blend with the overall luxury statement of the community and to act as noise reduction and to build privacy to the community, large compound walls with landscape featured murals are planned along the driveway.
In order to create a grand sense of arrival, a large round fountain was planned at the centre of entrance driveway. Three tier landscape concept was proposed to bifurcate the driveways & jogging tracks/pedestrian walkways.

Still water bodies coupled with minimalistic landscape was one of the key parameters of the entrance design.
Creating gossip corners, informal seating areas that blends with the luxury community was part of the landscape design envisioned for the said project.
Visitor car parks have been planned with acute care by using multiple material compositions along with functional needs of creating seating areas around the landscape