Hotel Mayfair Bhubaneshwar


Fountainhead Design extended interior and lighting services for this project, which won many  accolades.


The lighting design was our scope of work. The prime elements of the building’s architecture were highlighted appropriately, which enhanced the grandeur of the banquet hall.
The main facade of the convention is treated with sandstone and the architrave gives the necessary setting for the main entrance.
he main foyer is widened, opposite the main banquet, to give a sense of spaciousness and lavish expanse.
The gold leafed dome, supported by the ionic columns, is designed to simulate the arrival/ inviting point. This area is where the guests are welcomed during parties.

Concepts were presented in 3D photorealistic format which helped the client and the contractor to visualize and execute the project with the exact finishes proposed.
The reception was backed with convoluted mirrors added a unique dimension to the entire decor. The carpet in the centre with the floral design was made removable for maintenance. Two sets are used to buffer maintenance requirements.The fully classical style is continued to pre-function. The inlays in the floor simulating the carpet design in marble, mirror paneling on the walls to add the width to the narrow space with their embellishments with the large architraves for the doors with walnut finish added to the richness requested by the client.