Lanco Sales Center


Seamless integration of its core business competence and strength, EPC, with other domains such as infrastructure, construction and power, has borne rich dividends for Lanco. The organization’s expertise in building large civic and urban infrastructure projects has been deployed in constructing thermal and hydro power projects across the country.


This was one of the first high-end sales centers, a design build project for Lanco Hills. It was completed in record time – 90 days.
A major challenge was to connect two plots with height variations of almost 12 feet and plan the space such that it handles high-foot fall but also seamlessly manages traffic in a systematic matter with separate entries and exits.
Large modal display area was designed at the first plot with adequate branding spaces.

Two large waiting lounges were planned with 5 meeting rooms each, at two different locations, to split traffic and also to enable the sales team to extend uninterrupted attention to every visitor/prospective buyer.
Large water bodies with landscape have been created to create interesting view spaces for customers who are made to wait at this reception lobby before entering the AV Room / Model Display Area.