Splendid Aparna


A venture by PL Raju Constructions – PL Raju Constructions Limited is one of the leading construction companies in Andhra Pradesh established in 1960s. The firm has grown consistently over the years, and is now a major player in the high quality construction industry.


Typography was used in the design to integrate their corporate identity into the space.
A glass canopy for the secondary entrance for management is handled sans spider fittings and losing indoor space. Clean lines with minimal intervention is achieved
Large, clear glass picture windows are integrated into the façade design. These help to bring the exterior landscape indoors.
Spaces were segregated with lighting as a design element. Warm incandescent lighting in the reception creates a sense of welcome.
Cubicles fully utilize the space and address the client’s specific needs.

Warm daylight in common areas and work areas add to the bright feel and create a soothing and comfortable work environment.
The hanging glass and wood staircase stand as a decorative element in the reception area and the exterior façade.
The suspended stairway with glass treads is unassuming and technically an interesting feature. The tread was stitched together with steel studs and suspended with cables from the ceiling in a double high volume of space.
The structural beams in the roof were exposed boldly and treated as a design element.