SumTotal Systems-1


This 42,000 sq ft office on the Mindspace campus in Hyderabad was designed and completed in 90 days.
Fountainhead Design conducted extensive research to understand the functionality of each department and individual needs.


Veneer and wood along with imported carpet was used to create the classic high-end appeal in the Board Room and CEO’s chamber. Furniture and art work was exclusively made to create a fit & feel effect.
The training room’s furniture was custom made to address the need for multiple lighting levels and was one of the USPs of the design.
Indirect light illuminates work stations to avoid glare on monitors.

Minor yet critical individual needs were addressed. Things providing additional sockets on the UPS line for employees who use two monitors + a laptop, people that make calls for work meant that we customized work stations with 75mm think partition systems to avoid disturbance and reduce audibility. Customizations were also made for manager cabins as per organizational requirements.