Villa at Banjara Hills


Since this house was a first for this generation, all the family members had very high expectations with varied tastes and a desire to build a unique and stylish home that made a statement.
The challenge was to accommodate a 50 member family in 13 bedrooms within a luxurious setting, one common kitchen and handle varied psychologies. And do so in a set budget! It was equivalent to dealing with five different clients’ to build one house.
Success of this project was to extract the likes and dislikes of each family member, deliver all architecture and interior design services, and exceed the expectations of every one – making the house a dream come true for the entire family.


The entrance foyer is designed to impress guests at first glance. The intricate inlays and glass cut work designs with gold finishes adds to the impact.
The double height foyer is beautifully designed with stained glass, marble inlays and a carved main door.
Wooden ceiling paneling in the first level connects with the second level through its double hight. The 2nd level serves as the connecting point for the house vertically into the 3rd level.

The formal living room is designed specifically to suit the clients’ tastes. The clients interest to over design this space was challenging in terms of harmonizing the elements they wanted such as curios, niches, fabric panels, fresco work, and multi-color floor inlays.
We managed a design synergy with flowing unity in color scheme.
The traditional impact was achieved by replicating the wooden ceiling of old city palaces with flooring inlays. The furniture was made to order to comply with the decor.