Villa at Indu Fortune Fields


This villa was bought by a renowned contractor and developer after the entire community has been completed.
The key challenges were to carry out the renovation of the completed villa to suit their needs and to carry out seamless execution without disturbing the neighbours and also to keep the facade intact.
Upon completion, the project was also featured in the reputed Society Interiors magazine.


The main foyer is carved out from the hall. The space is equipped with two chairs for small errands at the entrance. The exclusiveness of the formal living is maintained.
The partition was created to maintain privacy for people in the living room. A beautifully carved wooden table with a wood framed mirror was used.
The screen wall with niches for artifacts was designed to provide privacy from the foyer.

Formal Living: Art works enlivens the space and fuses contemporary design with classicism. The panels created simulate the formality of the setting. The color scheme of the furnishings and materials is a synthesized flow.
The pooja door is treated uniquely with glass and wood. The beauty of the door lies in the design of the glass and the mantra etching.
The stair case dead wall is treated with wooden paneling with a niche for art work and a built-in dinner wagon.