Villa at Jubilee Hills


Fountainhead Design was hired for the interior design for a semi finished, architectural villa project.
Here the lady of the house preferred a Victorian classical style, while the eldest son preferred a modern style. The youngest son’s choice was minimal contemporary, while the father’s preference was for a rich classical style.
Fountainhead balanced the entire family’s requirements, a complete fusion of all styles and achieved a continuity keeping everyone happy. Apart from the interior and lighting design services we also designed automation and sports features for the villa.


The formal living is designed with a beautiful chandelier, fresco work on the ceiling and custom made furniture give the room a royal feel.
The entrance looks grand with the main entrance door made of carved wood and stained glass, the marble inlay and a landscaped area inside the house.
The courtyard uses a double height ceiling and serves to connect the entire house while also breaking the monotony.
Beautiful marble inlay, chandelier and fresco work on the ceiling continues the luxurious look.
The dining set and the storage cabinets were custom made from Delhi.

The master bedroom/den is a living space within the suite, which overlooks the small garden on the terrace.
The master bedroom with its subtle colors and designer chandelier give a rich feel.
The walk in wardrobe is designed with separate ‘His and Her’s areas.
Walk in closet for the lady of the house. The elaborate wardrobe with rich embellishments fulfills the clients requirement.
The son’s wish was for a bedroom that was a complete contrast in style to that of others in the house. The high ceiling is exploited to give volume to the space, wooden rafters with LED cove lighting adds drama to the teenager’s bedroom.