Villa at Jubilee Hills


This project was planned in approximately 2,000 sq yards of land. It was in a semi-finished state when we were commissioned. The total built-up area is approximately 16,000 sq ft with four bedrooms.

The client wanted an urban classical decor for his house.
We added our value in the spaces in its planning within the structural limitations without causing any major distractions. We suggested classical influences to external facade entry and also made it flow into the landscape.


Formal living: The double height living enlivens the expectations with interactive balconies. The furniture collection with the feature sofa in the centre made the composition interesting. The picture window is designed to highlight the back drop with its appliqué and embroideries.

Master Suite : A proper entrance setting was created with a low laying chaise and a mirror with bold carvings in gold leafing to draw the attention of the onlooker and mark the significance of the entrance to the den.

Master bedroom: The owner’s interest was to have a spacious bedroom with a high ceiling. The off white colour scheme on the walls and ceiling patterns downplayed classism with emphasis on the pattern on the fabrics and gold-leafed brilliant finished furniture elicited the romanticism.

Guest bed room 2: The second guest bedroom uses rustic American theme and departs from the rest of the house.

The main kitchen of the house continues with the spirit of the decor with all the utilities built in.