Villa at Sainikpuri


During our evaluation we understood that they are close knit family and extended family stay in the close vicinity.
They needed places to gather and to accommodate large groups of people, often. This gave rise to creating multiple living areas at various levels.
The open courtyard was initially intended to allow for gardens inside. When we entered the project as interior designers slabs were almost done. Without disturbing the architecture we continued our design by transforming the spaces to suit the client’s needs and tastes.


The formal dining space is attached to the formal living and separated subtly with curtain treatments. This gives a sense of seclusion while still uniting the space. The windows over look a water feature with a deck in flamed black granite to accommodate a grand piano.
The parents are proud of their daughter’s hobby, the placement of the piano serves well during parties.
The inlayed carpet design in marble signifies the dining space.
The overall co-ordination of colors and the furniture finishes gives the richness of the local traditional to the whole design.
The beautiful marble inlays with the decorative mirror and the show pieces make the bathroom fit for a princess.

The lounge in the first floor is a gathering place between bedrooms alongside the home theatre and study areas. The traditional jhoola is the favorite of the master and is strategically placed amidst the furniture to allow the composition to flow.
The master bedroom was designed to suit to the taste of the lady. Her desire for a pandiri mancham (king sized bed as locally called) is accommodated with the desired luxury.
The daughter desired a setting for herself in a princess of yesteryears style with a fully adorned room.
The bathroom continues the grandeur in the daughter’s room. Rich embellishments on the dadoes and the floor in white marble and the touches of gold add glamour.