Who We Are

About us

At FHD, we are an architectural team with the passion to see projects manifest that are critically meaningful and creatively unique.
Our studio’s focus is on exploration of Design Strategies that mediate and reinterpret the boundary between traditional/cultural values and contemporary living. A synthesis that blends old and new, international and regional.

We believe in identifying, engaging deeply with and Simplifying the complexities of projects. We go by the motto that Good design is always simple. It should provoke and stimulate but not be and seem unnatural.

We respond to carefully evaluated Needs rather than egoistic manifestation of forms and “isms” – Needs that are reshaped through Critical Thinking Workshops where

We investigate with all stakeholders the various project forces at work
from economics to user experience to social relevance
we imagine alternatives, we rethink the givens
we search for meaning as we create a unique identity
We engage in exploration of strategies
rather than the implementation of predefined methods and matrixes

Our design stand points help us through this process of unravelling the content of a project with an amalgamation of Critical, Intuitional and Rational approach – Resulting in designs that are

Localised to their regional context and cultural values
Socially inclusive with a strong sense of Public’ness’
Sensorial in its play of Materiality and Light
Sustainable in its symbiotic relation to Nature

Our ideas stem from our observations of the way people interact with spatial conditions, analysing the rationale of their experiences and accumulation of such experiences drawn from over a 1000 projects of varying types and scale. Our experience counts not just in the number of projects / years we have worked, but also in the vast multitudes of effort, ability and creativity that has been nourished and evolved over each project. We strive to keep alive this evolutionary design process to create revolutionary solutions in all our endeavours.